womenswear inspiration

while each and every season's collection tells its own unique and individual story, under the surface lies an undercurrent of universal muses that are at the heart of the quintessential feminine charm of all the shelli oh women's collections; it is the fusion of these inspirational elements that forges the line's signature look from season to season...

- early childhood fascinations with celtic folkore and visions of ethereal realms lend a fluid grace and otherworldly allure to the collections

- the line's distinctive tactile landscapes are fashioned with an ardent passion for delicate textures and extraordinary surface details

- the subtle hint of 1920s flair and panache evident in the clothing is a product of an obsession and an unquenchable aesthetic appetite for the fervent, explosive creative atmosphere of early twentieth century paris

- the inherent beauty and strength of the ballet opens oh's imagination to the juxtaposition of perceived opposites and the freedom of storytelling within a collection

- in pop culture, the quirky elegance of french film icon audrey tautou and the effortlessly edgy charisma of french new wave film legend anna karina both reverberate a joie de vivre that inspires that element of whimsy to the collections, with oh's signature wink of eccentricity

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menswear inspiration

the menswear collections tell a far less esoteric story, straddling the line somewhere between raw beat generation poetry, rock & roll and an almost arthouse dandy air; this unconventional charismatic medley is at the very root of the collection's success and popularity amongst musicians and artists alike. in juxtaposition with each season's inspirational theme, there are fixed inspirational undertones that give the menswear its unique chemistry...

- oh's musical influences play an indelible role in the vision of the menswear collections, adding an exposed raw vitality and offbeat style to the line.

- the natural, unabashed panache of french new wave film icons jean-paul belmondo and jean-pierre léaud resonates with an unapologetically dishevelled sophistication, sparking the quietly nuanced charm of oh's menswear

- the spontaneous creativity of the beat generation and ITS revolutionary spirit, inspires a celebration of raw authenticity that subtly permeates through the collections with a poetic refinement and nostalgic feel

- oh's overwhelming passion for vintage italian scooters and cafe racer motorcycles triggers clever hints of the classic style of the 'mods and rockers' subculture in the clothing, EXPRESSED IN clever infusionS of both the sharp, polished dandy 'mod' sensibility and the slick rockabilly undercurrent of the the rocker scene


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